Trilok Infracon (India) Pvt. Ltd.

C and Z Purlins

We excel in engineering design.

Z & C Purlins are fabricated using high-quality cold-formed or rolled sheets, primarily designed to provide roof support. These purlins offer great flexibility, coming in various shapes and designs. They find extensive application in roofing solutions such as warehouses, workshops, and industrial sheds. One remarkable feature of Z & C Purlins is their ability to save up to 50% on structural sheets compared to hot-rolled angles. As leading service providers, we deliver precise and flawless purlin designs, ensuring accurate lengths without any room for inaccuracies. Our wide range of Z & C Purlins and grills are specifically manufactured for different applications, using top-notch materials that can be supplied plain or punched.

We specialize in producing a comprehensive selection of structural C and Z Purlins for a wide range of structures, including industrial buildings, garages, verandahs, and even custom applications where such components are necessary.

Our steel framing solutions are synonymous with strength and reliability. Crafted from galvanized steel, our fully integrated system offers extensive design flexibility.

Moreover, in various locations where robust and dependable steel framing is an essential requirement, these Z & C Purlins play a vital role. They are crafted using premium galvanized steel within a fully integrated system, enabling flexible design possibilities. Our Z & C Purlin services are further enhanced by utilizing high tensile steel, recognized as crucial equipment in the following scenarios: