Trilok Infracon (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Director Desk

Mr. Bishnu Agarwal,

Managing Director

Trilok Infracon (India) Pvt. ltd.


The success of industrial growth across the nation has been epitomized by Trilok Infracon (India) Pvt. Ltd. thanks to the unwavering commitment of our management to excellence. It is in their capable hands that the future of our organization resides.

Over the last decade we have grown leaps and bounds to recreate dreams into reality, never once without the unconditional belief and support from our vendors and patrons. Our mission over the years has been to set benchmarks in the steel building industry, accomplished through perfection of design, excellence in quality and the best customer support service in the industry.

While anyone can assemble blocks to construct a building, Trilok goes the extra mile to subject every inch of material to rigorous quality checks at every stage of the process. We specialize in fabricating structures that prioritize safety, aesthetics, and, above all, technological advancement, positioning us as the forefront pioneers in pre-engineered building solutions.

Projects are not merely the result of a fleeting moment; they encompass your dedication, perseverance, and the trust you bestow upon us and our team. We firmly believe that each project is an investment, and we guarantee their efficient execution. By upholding the highest quality standards in our research and development efforts, we are able to curate optimal solutions that yield the greatest returns on your investment. We believe that dreams come to fruition when you pause and truly listen.

We dedicate time to thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements and integrate our solutions to establish the potential foundation for a highly successful future, both for the project and the enduring trust of our clientele. At every stage, we consistently provide valuable insights to your project, ensuring that we consistently surpass expectations with each interaction.

Whether your requirement is a warehouse, an aircraft hangar, or industrial sheds, Trilok Infracon (India) Pvt. Ltd. devotes equal amounts of time, effort, and dedication to every project, ensuring impeccable quality and service from start to finish.

With such conviction, we forge ahead into a future that promises nothing but significant milestones and remarkable achievements for each and every one of us.

VISION:  Our vision is to lead the steel building industry as trailblazers, establishing unparalleled standards through flawless design, uncompromising quality, and industry-leading customer support services.

MISSION:  Our mission is to create structures that prioritize safety, aesthetic appeal, and above all, technological advancement. We strive to design and fabricate buildings that excel in all these aspects.

QUALITY:  Our commitment lies in delivering the utmost quality in resources and materials, supported by an efficient after-sales service and customer support system that sets the industry standard.